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Programs & Services

DREAM offers several childcare options to accommodate the needs of enrolling families.  Please check out our programs and services below.


6 weeks - 14 months

Young children learn through play, and our infant program is designed to provide the skills that serve as building blocks for a lifetime of learning. We're committed to making this first transition away from home easy and natural for you and your child. In addition to caring for your infant, everything we do is designed for learning and teaching your baby the necessary skills to transition to the toddler level.


15-24 months

Our Toddler classroom provides a smooth transition for babies who have learned to become more independent and are ready for more hands-on activities. This program allows children to take a daily adventure full of opportunities that build on their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. 


Ages 3-4

Our Pre-Kindergarten 3-4 classrooms are academically structured by skill level to offer an environment that encourages children to develop their capabilities and interests at their own pace and according to their individual need.  This classroom provides academic, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development to children 3 to 5 years of age to ensure a successful start to elementary school.   Our goal is to recognize the uniqueness of each and every child and provide positive encouragement for their continued growth.  

Specialty Services

ABC Program

The ABC (Arkansas Better Chance) Program was created for 3–5-year-old children whose family’s gross income does not exceed the 200% of the Federal poverty level. Our objective is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes development and enhances learning for each child. We strive to establish relationships with the families of the children in our care and to collaborate with our community members to deliver high quality Early Education services. The program utilizes a written overall curriculum plan that covers topics like cultural diversity, social and emotional development, and language skills. Children participate in a daily schedule that includes indoor/outdoor activities, quiet/active activities, individual/group activities, fine/gross motor skill-building activities, and children/teacher-initiated activities. 

Qualifying children attend this

program free of charge.

STEAM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Music) explorations offer children the skills needed for lifelong learning. Pre-K children are effective STEM learners due to their innate sense of wonder and curiosity. The DREAM STEAM environment offers children opportunities to learn how to observe, ask questions, investigate, and use problem-solving skills that lead to innovative thinking. Students ages 4-5 will receive the opportunity to help us pilot the first STEAM Pre-Kindergarten Class in our community. This state-of-the-art classroom is equipped with all of the latest and most relevant STEAM equipment and learning materials to provide your child with the most meaningful and educational experience EVER! 

Student-centered afterschool programs support student success by providing new experiences for youth who are yearning to explore their own interests in a safe, supportive learning environment. Afterschool plays an important role as a safe space for youth to stretch their imaginations and pursue individual interests and projects. DREAM's afterschool and summer programs offer youth access to a variety of opportunities where they can apply what they learn in the classroom in an out-of-school settings. The flexibility of our student-centered programs accommodates different approaches to meeting student needs while providing learning experiences in which students master proficiency.


DREAM is dedicated to building our community through fostering relationships with our families and providing meaningful services for children The DREAM Afterschool Program offers daily homework and tutoring assistance, team building and recreational activities to student's grades K-5.  Snacks are provided.

Dedicating Resources to Excel All Minds

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