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Enrollment Applications &
Program Documents

Clicking the application links below will direct you to our ProCare website, please create an account to establish enrollment for your child.  Once an account is created, you will receive the option to onboard your child for approval.


Online enrollment is not immediate placement.  You will be notified regarding enrollment status once you complete this process. 

All applications can be complete online and emailed to 

Infant & Toddler Enrollment Application      Ages 6 weeks-2 1/2 yrs

Early Childhood Enrollment Application     Ages 3-5 yrs

K-5 Afterschool Academy Enrollment Application 

ABC Enrollment Application    Ages 4-5


Financial Assistance

DHS Childcare Assistance Application

Rates & Tuition
Registration Fee $30 per family

Early Childhood Programs        6:30 am - 5:30 pm

    Infants (Ages 6 weeks-14months)   $150 weekly

    Toddlers (Ages 15-24 months)          $135 weekly

    Preschoolers (25-36 months)             $125 weekly

    Pre-K  (Ages 3-5)                                     $115 weekly


    ABC Program (Ages 4-5)             7:30 am-3:30 pm

    Free of Charge

     ABC Aftercare                                         $55 WEEKLY


All rates include a full day and provide breakfast, lunch and snack.


Afterschool Academy              2:45 - 5:30 pm    Grades K-5                                                 $65 WEEKLY 


We accept online and credit/debit card payments.  Online payments can be made on the ProCare App, we must have an email address in our system for you to pay online. 

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